Rodney J. Love Scholarship

The Rodney J. Love Next Step Scholarship and/or Line of Duty Tuition Waiver are available to all recent high school graduates and High School Equivalency Diploma recipients who meet specific eligibility requirements. Contact the RRTC Counselor at 580-255-2903, ext. 230, for more information.

Rodney J. Love Next Step Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

• Attend full-time, day programs.
• Possess a high school diploma or a high school equivalency diploma.


• Graduates may be awarded the tuition scholarship within two years after completing high school.


• Students who do not possess a high school diploma must be actively pursuing an alternative diploma within two years of the time the applicants’ graduating class would have finished high school.


• Students live in the RRTC school district and have a certificate of eligibility for Veteran’s Benefits.

Guidelines for applying and maintaining the scholarship are:
• Maintain at least a B grade average.
• Maintain 90% attendance.
• Make satisfactory progress in the program by passing competencies at designated times.
• Tuition scholarship amounts will not exceed $2,625.00 per year for full-time or $1,312.50 for part-time. The tuition scholarship will not exceed the actual cost of tuition for a single course. The scholarship will be awarded at the beginning of each semester.

Additional fees may apply to some programs. Red River Technology Center has determined that the disclosure of information regarding textbook and supplemental material fees is not practicable: this information is “To be determined.” Please see the Red River Technology Center Counselor for more information.

Tuition for in-district post-secondary daytime students is $1,312.50 for half days; $2,625.00 full-time. Students who reside outside the Technology Center District: Half-day is $2,625.00; full-time is $5,250.00. In district high school students attend free of charge.