Biomedical Science Academy

This two-year academy provides a unique learning environment to high school students interested in pursuing a career in biological science, emergency services, healthcare, or medicine.

Biomedical science is a broad field consisting of many different medical, health-care and science disciplines.  Young people with a solid foundation in math, science and health are better prepared for post-secondary education and will find that the career opportunities are limitless.

Red River Technology Center has teamed with Project Lead the Way®, a national organization that has developed a Biomedical Sciences curriculum, in order to provide a rigorous academic program to students interested in careers in biomedical science.  The two-year Biomedical Science Academy provides hands-on, project-based, and problem-based learning which increases student motivation, cooperative learning skills, and higher-order thinking.

Students will become active participants in the learning process as they develop their skills through the application of the scientific method to relevant, real-world scenarios.  Students will gain in-depth knowledge of the human body, disease mechanisms, major biological themes, mathematical topics and other concepts related to biomedical science.

Students will become proficient in the laboratory as they learn laboratory safety, practice aseptic technique, and follow many standard laboratory protocols using research/industry grade laboratory equipment.  Daily, students will utilize laptop computers and the internet to gather up-to-date information as they research, design and conduct an experiment, as well as interpret and present the results.

Career Tech Student Organization:
HOSA- Future Health Professionals