Entrance Requirements and Enrollment Information

Entrance Requirements

High school juniors and seniors who attend Red River Technology Center will spend three hours (one-half day) at the Tech Center and the other half-day at their home high school. Students can earn elective credit toward high school graduation by attending the Tech Center. Contact your high school counselor or the Tech Center counselor for enrollment approval. Adults: Adults are eligible for enrollment in all daytime programs except Cosmetology, the Biomedical Science Academy, and the Pre-Engineering Academy. Attendance may be for three hours (one-half day) or six hours (full day).

Enrollment Information

Who is eligible?
1. High school juniors and seniors residing within the boundaries of the following 13 school districts, or home school students within the district are eligible to enroll:
Bray-Doyle, Central High, Comanche, Duncan, Empire, Grandview, Marlow, Ryan, Temple, Terral, Velma-Alma, Walters and Waurika.

2. Persons residing outside the named districts may also enroll. The tuition rate is increased for non-district residents.

3. For enrollment information, contact the RRTC Counselor at (580) 255-2903, ext. 230. Adult enrollment begins the first week in May and continues throughout the school year. High school students may enroll through their high school counselor.

Refund Policy
Refund of tuition, less cost of books and materials used, will follow this schedule:

Withdraws on or before the first day of class through the tenth day of class for the enrollment period for which the student has been charged: 100% refunded

After the tenth day of class for the enrollment period for which the student has been charged: 0% refunded

Note: Refunds are not paid to the student of a Pell grant or whose tuition is paid by another agency. It will be returned to the agency that originally provided the funds. Additional information on refunds is available in the financial aid office.