Computer-Aided Drafting

The Computer-Aided Drafting program provides students with an understanding of the features associated with the operation of a computer-aided drafting and design system. Students draw precise plans on the computer for machine parts or construction blueprints for homes, and learn technical and architectural design on the latest AutoCAD and SolidWorks software. Instruction focuses on the techniques to translate engineers’ ideas and calculations into complete working plans which are used by skilled craftsmen to make a desired object. The Computer-Aided Drafting plan of study is part of both the Architecture and Construction Career Cluster and the Manufacturing Career Cluster.

Local Program Offerings:
CAD Drafter

Students Learn:
Principles of Drafting
Mechanical Drafting
Residential Architecture Drafting
Presentation Graphics
Technical Mathematics

Software Used in Class:

Student Organization: SkillsUSA

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Instructor- Curtis Suson
580-255-2903 ext. 260

Local Program Offerings

CAD Drafter