DAEDF named 2017-18 Partner for Progress

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Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation receives Partner for Progress Award


In 1993, the citizens and businesses of Duncan created the Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation (DAEDF) to promote the development of existing businesses, attract new businesses, and diversify Duncan’s economic base. DAEDF has been a good steward of its responsibility for over 20 years. With a staff less than half the size of most comparable economic development foundations and operating on a smaller budget, DAEDF has become a model that others are trying to emulate.

DAEDF simultaneously builds up the local infrastructure by supporting expansions in construction, schools, hospitals, museums, and civic facilities, establishing relationships throughout the community and state, and ensuring there is a well-trained workforce. Through this, DAEDF has created an attractive business climate. They have been able to attract businesses that provide competitive wages and make capital investments in the community, which means they are more likely to remain in the area as long-term employers.

“Much like the saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ I firmly believe it takes a community to grow a company to success,” said RRTC Small Business Development Coordinator Jacob Johnson. “Partnerships like the one we share with DAEDF are crucial to the economic growth of our community.”

DAEDF’s mission is to continually increase job opportunities, develop a favorable business climate, and grow workforce development programs. They do so by providing opportunities for new business and assist in the growth of existing businesses. One of DAEDF’s main goals is to serve as a resource agency to provide continuing economic development planning and program development services.

The Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation and Red River Technology Center have partnered in a number of ways. Most recently, RRTC has assisted DAEDF with its tenants in the Duncan Center for Business Development, which is a Certified Small Business Incubator. RRTC has assisted with business plans, strategic planning, human resources, materials sourcing, marketing, accounting, and many other processes to help create opportunities of business growth within our community.

DAEDF has recruited, participated in the development of, or facilitated growth for several companies including: Duncan Recycling and Refining (DR2), which brought the first of its kind plasma arc smelter to the U.S. to retrieve precious metals from used automobile catalytic converters; Dream Team Prosthetics, a company that specializes in above knee bilateral amputee prosthetics assisting clients from around the world; and, Shabby Chick Natural Cleaners, which recently appeared on the Home Shopping Network to launch their natural cleaning product line.

Red River Technology Center and its continuously evolving and growing partnership with the Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation means a bright future for the many people and businesses both organizations serve.

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