Soldiers complete Electronics training

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Soldiers complete specialized Electronics training at RRTC


The United States Army Air Defense Artillery Proponent of Ft. Sill in Lawton has embarked upon a new Electronics Technology Certification Training initiative for their Tactical and Maintenance Warrant Officers associated with the Patriot Missile Defense System and have partnered with Red River Technology Center to meet their training needs.


“Understanding the benefits and power in having independent industry certification credentials for all of their systems technicians,” said RRTC Electronics Technology instructor Bill Leyrer, “the U.S. Army reached out to Red River Technology Center and its Electronics Technology Program to establish a partnership that would allow the successful completion of their certification goals.”


Fifteen soldiers recently completed a rigorous two-week Electronics Technology Certification Training program at RRTC.


“We work on multi-million dollar equipment,” said Chief Warrant Officer Ricardo Smith. “It’s very important to understand how the electrical components work and to be able to troubleshoot.”


The program was designed to impart the technical knowledge required to successfully pass the DC and AC Electronics Circuit Analysis and Troubleshooting exams as outlined by the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET) and the Electronics System Association (ESA).


“Coming here (to RRTC) has been beneficial because we as students get more hands-on experience and interaction with the instructor, who is a subject matter expert in the field,” said Smith. “The projects we are doing apply directly to what we learn in the classroom and that type of learning is invaluable.”


Leyrer said the soldiers faced a concentrated curriculum in a condensed time frame.


“Due to the robust curriculum and the limited time allowed to complete the assigned duties and tasks associated with the successful certification process,” said Leyrer, “this was an educational boot-camp type experience for these officers.”


On July 18, all 15 of the attending Warrant Officers successfully fulfilled the requirements outlined by ISCET and ESA and received their Independent Industry Certifications in Electronics Technology.

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